martes, 28 de junio de 2011

"- Troop leader to Raven. Raven come in please. Troop leader calling Raven. Troop leader to Raven, talk to me, Johnny. Troop leader calling the Baker Team: Rambo, Messner, Ortega, Coletta, Jorgensen, Danforth, Berry, Krakauer. Confirm. Colonel Trautman speaking. Talk to me, Johnny. - They're all gone, Sir. - There he is! Go get him!  - Rambo. Are you OK? - All the Baker team are dead, - Not Delmare Berry, he made it. - Berry too, sir. - How? - Caught his death in Vietnam, without knowing it. Cancer ate him up. - l'm sorry, l didn't know that. - l'm the last one, sir."